#63 Editors Note

When I first started this blog, I made a deal with myself that if anyone commented on something I'd written, that I would generally post it 'as is'. That way, even if someone disagreed with my position or point of view, I was at least being fair to their perspective. The blog itself allows me the option of accepting, editing, or rejecting any response. However, I think that if I do that, then I will surround myself only with like-minded people, and that is not really the purpose of the discussion.

I received a reply this week to post #58, "The Hardest Part". To view it, go to the post itself, click on the title and scroll to the bottom. Form your own thoughts from there. It is interesting that J.D. thinks that this is a worthy discussion that we should be having at every level of Army leader development, and someone who was with me thinks that I am self deluding and a fraud. Back to my friend 'perspective'..... While I do not believe that the name attributed to the person who wrote the last response is actually from that individual, the point of view of whoever contributed it is my attempt at literary honesty.

One thing I have not done in my public postings has been to attack any particular individual. If I have learned anything from the on-going discussion, it has been to attempt to see the situation from some other point of view. That shall remain the policy for as long as I decide to continue this effort.


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