#21 Is McChrystal reading our Blog?

Check out the link below. Could be we have another anonymous reader! Ha! Wouldn't that be cool!


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  1. "Michael E. Leiter, director of the National Counterterrorism Center, said last year that the goal is to show "that it is al-Qaeda, not the West, that is truly at war with Islam."

    Finally, someone at a high level gets what is really going on.

    "Mullen, in a recent issue of Joint Force Quarterly, emphasized that the problem with communicating with people rested on "policy and execution." He added, "To put it simply, we need to worry a lot less about how to communicate our actions and much more about what our actions communicate."

    Not much else to add to that. Here's the obstacle though. "Congress, however, has expressed concern about the rapid growth of the military's involvement in an area once under the purview of the State Department".

    When the State Department is willing to deploy 68,000 Foreign Officers to canvas Afghanistan and interact on a daily basis with the Afghans, they can have the job back. Until then, like it or not, out of neccessity it will be the soldier who has to be warrior, diplomat, economist, architect, lawyer, poitician, agronomist...